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Deception Gestures The problem with trusting body language as the sole source of information is that human beings are complex creatures. One gesture cannot and does not reveal an entire story any more than a book's message can be contained in one word. Context is key and even forensic professionals can be stumped when it comes to spotting the giveaways. That being said, by carefully watching for those uncontrolled gestures that appear when least expected, you may just be able to detect the deceiver. Spotting deception is awfully difficult to do. If you know the person it's easier, but not foolproof.
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David Cameron holds hand over his mouth

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If Bob is being kidnapped, the best way to prevent him from crying out is by grabbing him and covering his mouth. Not only that, but Alice could easily do it if she just wanted him to stop talking for some reason. This gesture can be both threatening or playful, depending on the context. Rescuers may sometimes use this if they have to sneak up on a friend from behind and don't want them alerting nearby foes by yelling in surprise. Very briefly in episode 12 of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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Bleach : When Nnoitra forces Orihime to watch Tesra curb-stomp Ichigo, the anime has him place a hand over her mouth. In the manga, he actually forces his fingers inside her mouth, which mimics a common kink in Japanese porn. In Brave10 , Yukimura clamps his hand over Rokuro's mouth just before their Chained Heat moment, not wanting him to sonic blast the ninjas surrounding them before the crowd of civilians can clear. Rokuro's protests go unheard.
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