My son sitll sits pee toilet

Shauna Anderson March 10, The answers are just as enlightening as the question! When you become a mum of boys you venture into a brave new world of penises, puddles and poo jokes. One mum has ventured to Reddit to question whether her nine-year-old should be standing or sitting when he pees. And the answers are just as enlightening as the question.

7 year old son still pees sitting down

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Every time he does sit down to pee, you could give him some kind of little reward to encourage him to continue to do this. There are many times when western and Islamic practices clash and, therefore, raising a Muslim child in a non-Muslim country will come with challenges related to this. Regarding peeing sitting down, the very reason it is encouraged that boys sit down are for the reason you have suggested — that some may drop onto his clothes which, of course, then makes the clothes impure. Therefore, he becomes unable to pray in them. He is 4, however, and, therefore, is not obliged to pray at this age. So, it might be said that it is quite irrelevant whether pee drops on his clothes or not. However, habits are formed at such a young age.

when do boys stand to pee?

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Is it normal for my 7 year old son to still want to sit to pee instead of standing up? Should we press the issue and really try to get him to, or let it happen naturally? We have tried incentives but that hasn't worked so far. He also won't pee in the woods or anywhere outside standing up. He will in time pee standing up, personally I wouldn't push it, you can encourage him, but I think it will happen naturally in time.
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