Strech clitoris

Learn what methods work best to increase the length of your clitoris hood as the means to have more skin up front. Use the methods while increase the length of your inner vaginal lips and achieve a double purpose. The clitoris hood or prepuce of the clitoris is skin, which covers the erectile organ in women. For some reasons you may want to undergo clitoris hood stretching to increase the length of the skin which covers your erectile organ. This is part of a fetish, which goes along with labia stretching.
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The awful reason some women around the world are having their labia stretched

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Labia stretching: the awful reason some women are having their labia elongated

Myofascial release MFR can be one of your greatest treatment tools as a pelvic rehabilitation practitioner. Fascia is the irregular connective tissue that covers the entire body, and it is the largest sensory system in the body, making it highly innervated. The mobilizing effect of MFR techniques occurs by stimulating various mechanoreceptors within the fascia not by the actual force applied. MFR techniques can help to reduce tissue tension, relax hypertonic muscles, decrease pain, reduce localized edema, and improve circulation just to name a few physiological effects. The specific MFR techniques used helped to provide relief and restore mobility to the pelvic tissues for this patient. Clitoral phimosis is adherence between the clitoral prepuce also known as the clitoral hood and the glans. This condition can be the result of blunt trauma, chronic infection, inflammatory dermatoses, and poor hygiene.
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Specific Myofascial Release as a Treatment for Clitoral Phimosis

Labia stretching , also referred to as labia elongation or labia pulling , is the act of lengthening the labia minora the inner lips of the female genitals through manual manipulation pulling or physical equipment such as weights. It is performed for sexual enhancement for the benefit of both partners, aesthetics, symmetry and gratification. The labia and the whole vulva differ in size, shape, and colour from one woman to another. In that labia stretching is attempting to change this body part to fit an ideal, and that it is often done by older women to girls, it has been compared to female genital mutilation FGM and child abuse.
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