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Print Mostly everyone has soreness or tightness in the jaw from time to time. Usually, these symptoms go away within a few days and are not cause for alarm. But sometimes, the pain can linger and get worse — becoming so intense that chewing, smiling, and even breathing is difficult. When kids have symptoms like these, they're likely to have developed a TMJ disorder, which may require treatment. You can feel your TM joints and their movement by placing your fingers directly in front of your ears and opening your mouth.
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They may not even be aware that they are doing it, especially if they do it when sleeping. Sometimes they only way people know they grind their teeth is because family members hear them doing it while they are asleep. What causes bruxism? Bruxism in children is more common in those diagnosed with a hyperactivity disorder or health issues, such as cerebral palsy.
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TMJ Disorders

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For some, this actually yields results. Do enough bicep curls, for example, and your biceps will eventually get bigger. But there are big problems with this approach—bigger than your biceps ever will be. And not knowing the safest or most effective way to get stronger can lead to injury.
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